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SEGA Rally Revo is SEGA's latest take at the world of Rally racing
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SEGA Rally Revo is SEGA's latest take at the world of Rally racing. The series started in Arcade machines, and I used to play them more than often. Sega Rally 2 was amazing because of the graphics, the maps, and the sounds. Now, SEGA Rally Revo is amazing because of the same things. The game still feels a little arcady to me, but perhaps SEGA didn't want a simulation racer with REVO. Anyway, it is nice to not having to worry about mechanic break-downs and things like that. Just hop on a great, shiny-looking car and race to the end line. Sega Rally REVO incorporates new technologies that should make the visual experience even better. This new system allows the car to gradually become dirty as time passes during a race. You will notice that the car will start deteriorating when you crash. The doors will become loose and the car will start being muddy. That is an excellent way of showing you that they care about the overall look of the game. You can't buy this game electronically if you are outside the U.S.A, Canada or Mexico. You can still order it from your usual places.

José Fernández
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